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April 26

To follow up on our previous note on the evolution of visioderm, you will find below the update procedure that will take place from April 26th.


Indeed, in order to be in conformity with the technical and security developments of the big actors of the data-processing world (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla...) we made evolve the internal software of the probe.


Once your probe has been updated to version V4.3 (please check it on the website:


From Wednesday April 26th 12h00 an automatic update will be done on your probe.

It will start as soon as your visioderm will be switched on and connected to your wifi network.


You will need to :

Turn on the visioderm probe

The main LED of your probe will light up in blue, green, red (classic lighting) then will remain in blue (usually green).

Wait a few seconds to 3 minutes

Once the update is complete, the probe will turn off and restart to stabilize in green

The probe is up to date. You can resume your analysis.

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April 19

VisioDerm presents these latest developments:


1.           The beauty prescription


Today, the beauty prescription is based on the most important imbalance analyzed by the Visioderm and on the answers to the questions in the "Visual Diagnosis" tab.


Following your requests to get a more personalized beauty prescription, we have started the development of a new algorithm.

This new development will allow us to take into account all the imbalances analyzed by the Visioderm and to mix all the products.

In the coming months, a 100% personalized and unique beauty prescription will be offered to clients.


2.           The connection


The pairing of the probe with the WiFi network turned out to be difficult and long, and sometimes required the Visioderm Support.

To facilitate the communication between the probe and the WiFi, we have created a dedicated "visioderm companion" application which uses the Bluetooth of the phone or the tablet to connect the probe to the internet box (or to the laptop in tethering).

In one click we can add or modify a WiFi network on the probe.

This application also shows the power of the WiFi networks near the Visioderm and thus allows you to make sure the box (or shared connection) works well with the probe.


3.           Training and support


A new interface is available on the website which improves making an appointment with the Assistance. You will discover tutorial videos and continuously enriched FAQs.

In this dedicated area you will soon find E-learning videos: to better understand the tool, improve your understanding of the Visioderm diagnosis and implement the necessary actions to boost your sales with the device.


4.           AI and algorithm


We are continuously increasing our banking image to refine the relevance of the Visioderm diagnosis.

Thanks to the help of our beauticians, we are improving the Artificial Intelligence, and will enrich the tool in a few months with more than 400 additional photos including a part for male skin in order to distinguish it from female skin and to better evaluate it.


Following your feedbacks, we are also improving the accuracy of the imbalances and are currently working on an evolution of the "wrinkle" parameter which, depending on the photo taken, can be confused with shadows or fluff.


5.           Portal security


In order to bring you a product at the cutting edge of technology and to comply with the technical and security developments proposed by the major players in the computer world such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla ... we have designed a new version of the internal software of your VisioDerm probe that will be automatically implemented in your device from April 26.

For this, an update of your probe is essential before this date!


We invite you to check the version of your VisioDerm probe using this link:

And (if necessary, depending on the version of your probe) to make an appointment with your sales representative.

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